All our flavors are available in the Atlanta metro area in Personal Size, Party Size,
Individually Wrapped Pops, as well as, Full Size cheesecakes in 6, 9 and 10 inches.
Currently Personal Size cheesecakes are available for mail order ONLY.

Classic Flavors

Cup of Cocoa: Chocolate cheesecake; topped with a whipped cream topping.

Flawless: Classic cheesecake resting on graham cracker crust; topped with whipped cream.

Happy Days: Original cheesecake; topped with fresh strawberries. 

Hot Flash: White chocolate signature cheesecake with a raspberry swirl; topped with whipped topping.

Honeybun: Cinnamon bun cheesecake; topped with whipped topping and cinnamon sugar.

Key to the City: Signature cheesecake with the perfect key lime flavor.

Make a Wish: We have combined birthday cake with our signature cheesecake and rested the magical combination on a graham cracker crust.

My Little Pumpkin: Just like your grandmothers favorite pumpkin pie made into a cheesecake; topped with a whipped topping.

Pretty in Pink: Our most refreshing flavor is so good you may want to drink it. Pink lemonade cheesecake; topped with whipped topping.

Strawberry Heaven: Our signature cheesecake swirled with strawberry goodness; topped with a whipped cream topping. 

Suit and Tie: Our classic cheesecake engulfed with vanilla bean resting on a graham cracker crust; topped with whipped cream.


Sunday Morning: The perfect cheesecake to make any day feel like Sunday. French toast cheesecake; topped with whipped topping, brown sugared bacon and a sprinkle of nutmeg.

 Shawn’s Famous Flavors

Carousel Caramel: The perfect blend of salted caramel and cheesecake settled on a graham cracker crust finished with caramel popcorn, pretzel, whipped cream drizzled with caramel.

Jai-Drizzle: Chocolate cookies swirled in our signature cheesecake to make an awesome cookies and cream cheesecake.

McPudding Pie: Our rendition of Mother Dear’s famous banana pudding. Our signature creamy cheesecake with bananas and cookies; topped with whipped topping.

Mila Pie: Classic cheesecake meets the most famous comfort dessert in the world “Apple Pie”. Our signature cheesecake surrounds cinnamon apples and a touch of caramel; topped with a whipped topping.

Oh My Goodness: Our signature cheesecake; topped with brownies, caramel, pecans and whipped cream, hence the name “Oh my Goodness”.

Proud Mama: The best of both worlds! Rich peanut butter and chocolate enriched with cheesecake and small chunks of peanut butter cups; topped with whipped cream, caramel, chocolate and pecans. 


Tropical Thunder: A trip to the Caribbean always does the mind good. If you love pineapple and coconut you can’t go wrong with this one!

Signature Flavors

mCarrotTropiaCarrotropia: Carrot cake layered with our signature cheesecake; topped with a cream cheese frosting.

chips-of-joy_webChips of Joy: Gluten Free. Signature gluten free cheesecake with dollops of gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough; topped with whipped topping.

don party on webDon-Party-On: What do you get when you add champagne + our signature cheesecake + graham cracker crust + a dollop of whipped cream? A cheesecake worth celebrating!


Granny Bliss: Sweet potato pie and our signature cheesecake; topped with a pecan caramel topping. 


I Dream of Praline: Praline cheesecake resting on a bed of pecan crust; topped with florentines, whipped cream and Pecan Praline Liquer (optional).


Southern Belle: Red velvet cake layered with cheesecake; topped with cream cheese frosting and pecans.

Texas Holdem: Signature cheesecake infused with Patron and Grand Marnier resting on a pretzel crust; topped with whipped topping and lime zest.

Specialty Items

babycakeswebBaby Cakes: Four-pack of bite size cheesecakes.

Big Baby: Brownie, cheesecake, chocolate chip cookie sandwich.

Big Mama: Red velvet cheesecake sandwich finished with cream cheese and pecans.

cheesecakebrownie web'

Cheesecake Brownie: Fudge brownie swirled with our signature cheesecake. This treat can satisfy any sweet tooth.

cannolis web

Cheesecake Cannoli: Cheesecake stuffed cannoli. We have stuffed a cannoli with our signature no bake cheesecake and finished it with a yummy treat.


Mr Big Stuff: Cheesecake and brownie sandwich enhanced with caramel, fudge, pecans and whipped cream.

mrsbigstuffwebMrs Big Stuff: Cheesecake and chocolate chip cookie sandwich adorned with fluffy whipped cream and sprinkles.

Mr. Big Stuff Jr: Cheesecake, caramel, fudge, pecans and whipped cream stuffed between two yummy fudgy brownies.


Create Your Own: Add your favorite toppings to your favorite cheesecake. You can’t go wrong!